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A Taste of Love

Hot sun kisses

A daffodil waves

Recollections steal me

Rock hard shower

Yet another tune

Each breath sings

Aromatic skin dances

Resting in light

Lying next to

Ecstasies of friction

Merry washing bubbles

Unkempt bed hair

Delicious indiscretions blossom

I’m glowing brightly

Lovely cookie monster






The ratio of love to lust

Is the same as kisses to thrusts

Mermaid’s Lament

Another story? What naughty mer-children you are! Well, so long as you are ready for sleep, I suppose there is a little time. Listen closely, for this is the tale of the Mermaid’s Lament…


Stirring the Waters

Though it was only a short walk from the resort, it was far enough to seem like a tropical paradise. I had meandered for perhaps twenty minutes, far enough to escape the rest of the tour party huddled around the finest overpriced gewgaws I had ever seen. My mind had been flooded with misgivings and regrets for a long time, and I had hoped the trip would bring some kind of peace. At the very least, some distraction. Sadly the only ones forthcoming had been the drawling accents of fellow passengers and other buzzing pests. I just needed some time to myself.


A Gentle Breeze

This idea is all about spiritual love – specifically, what would happen if a couple of ghosts fell in love? What remains when the body is gone, and how could such love be consummated? How would they even date?


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