The Boy With A Thousand Faces

Once upon a time there was a special boy. God had decided to fill his heart with love, but the world was too scared by the brightness and averted its eyes. In order for the boy to live, he made a mask for himself to hide his love. He made one for every occasion: Feeding the ducks, playing with friends and going to school. Very soon, the boy had a multitude of masks. Each represented part of him, but all were woefully incomplete.

When the boy came of age he started courting. Sadly every person he encountered only saw a flimsy mask and found them lacking. Heartbroken, the boy decided he would show his true love to his future partners. When he did so, they were so terrified and overwhelmed that they fled immediately. The boy slumped to the ground, with despair creasing his beauty and tears pouring down his cheeks.

Isolated from the world, doused with sorrow, his love was finally extinguished. The boy became a hollow husk, filled with ashes. He cast off his masks, went outside into a grey world and lived out his days as a productive and anonymous member of society.