Kimiko, Tourist Assassin

Kimiko resembles a short Japanese woman, with a weather beaten and wizened face, oversized spectacles, cheeky grin, large all-weather poncho and latest digital camera. She travels a lot and likes taking photographs for her relatives and friends. She is actually a mystical repository of the various unfortunates she has assassinated over the thousands of years of her stolen life, stealing their souls at the moment of death. In turn, she uses these trapped souls to control animals, insects, birds and so on as a form of hive mind, which is her primary method of assassination. For instance, one gentleman was killed out walking by the beach with his family, when Kimiko possessed the circling gulls who pecked him to death in an homage to Hitchcock. A lady was killed in her sleep by rats coming up through the toilet and eating her alive. A more subtle occasion required a lone wasp stinging a man know to have an anaphylactic reaction. There are some who believe that some primitive cultural resentment of photographs may stem from Kimiko’s actions a long time ago in her travels. As to what she is exactly, nobody rightly knows, but she is effectively immortal by transferring her souls to another convenient vessel where necessary.