Charlie Whede

A sword fighter with a mysterious past and memory loss! Not terribly original, but I have a fondness for the conjunction of sword fighting with the sea, ever since the 7 Seas RPG came to my attention. As balance and agility are such an important part of fencing, to have this gentleman on board ship forces him to become skilled at balancing on uncertain surfaces, adapting to situations that life throws his way. His memory loss stems from the day he was dragged from the sea, barely alive, clinging to driftwood.

When he regained consciousness, Charlie was at a loss for words. Not because he was overwhelmed by his new surroundings on ship, the smells of sickness wafting through the sickbay, or the quizzical parrot poised at the foot of the hammock. Rather, he was filled with a sense of calm that went beyond words. Beyond the need for language, beyond the sun, moon and stars. Beyond the darkest corners of his shadowy mind, and reaching the briny depths where lantern fish stalk their prey along dark paths. The fact that he could not remember a thing about himself did not register or disconcert him one iota. He lay there, eyes open, but only seeing within. Someone had plucked out his soul, and into that void they had poured the ocean, deep, wide, and full of secrets. He could feel tides stirring within, and alien currents flowing inexorably towards unknown destinations. He could feel…

His sword hand twitched. The fingers flexed. Like a crab, they spasmed and moved, then stopped. They reached, blindly, then fell limp again. Something was wrong. Something was missing. Charlie knew, without concern, that he was incomplete. He also knew, with calm deliberation, that he needed to get his sword back.